RoboCup 2012

We are focusing on building a service robot for the RoboCup@Home competition. More about this team here. Due to developmental reasons, we will not participate in the RoboCup Humanoid Adult Size Soccer competition in 2012. Graduate students will fully concentrate on the humanoid walking technique of the TUlip soccer robot, to prepare it for the 2013 league. Past activities are categorized here.

RoboCup 2011 Istanbul

The last video before RoboCup 2011

The last video before the team goes to RoboCup 2011 in Istanbul.

In this video we test the push recovery of TUlip. After a push TUlip places its foot dependent on the force of the push in order to keep its balance.

Compliant control of TUlip

Latest test video (HD) of TUlip balancing using compliant balance control.

UfD-E.ON Teamworkprijs 2011

On May 26th there was a final presentation round for the UfD-E.ON teamwork price. On this day the four nominated teams (Delta Lloyd Solar Boat Team; Dutch Robotics Delft; TU Delft iGEM team 2010; Solar Decathlon Europe – Revolt House) gave a five minute presentation about their team's achievement in the field of teamwork. In between the presentations and the award ceremony, E.ON had a surprise for the teams. Since E.ON is the main sponsor of the KNZB, the Dutch national relay swimming team gave a talk about their teamwork and how this resulted in Olympic medals. After this inspiring talk the jury announced the results. This years winner is the TU Delft iGEM team 2010. Our team can in second place, which was rewarded with 2.000 euro.


In addition to the teamwork price the 'UfD fonds' also awarded a grant to support our team during the RoboCup competition in July. On behalf of the whole team I would like to thank the 'UfD fonds'  and E.ON for both the teamwork price and the grant.


The full summary of the day (in Dutch) can be read on the UfD site:

New Sponsor for the team: StuD

Hi all,

I am very proud to announce that StuD is now our official sponsor.

New members interest drink on the 28th of April

On the 28th of April there will be an interest drink for everybody who is thinking of joining our fantastic team. Everybody is welcome, we need team members from all kinds of specialties at the TU or HBO. So are you interested in designing and building the humanoid soccer robot of the future? Come to our interest drink in the basement 8C of the faculty of 3mE!

Second day at German Open RoboCup tournament

Today the German Open RoboCup tournament officially started.

Team Delft already arrived yesterday and this morning Eindhoven joined us at the RoboCup tournament. The day started with the set up of the robots and immediately some television cameras where interested in our robots. They made some videos, so watch the German channels this evening.

Compared to the other robots here in the venue our robots are by far the biggest. There are a lot of teams present in Germany, however we are the only team in the humanoid adult sized league. We will only give demonstrations since there are no teams to compete with in our league.

We will also look how teams in other leagues are performing. Most people know RoboCup because of the football robots, but there is a huge variety in robots here in Magdenburg. There are robots designed for household activities or rescue tasks present at this RoboCup tournament.

The household robots have to perform challenges like following people, getting a glass of water or picking up a book. The rescue robots are send into a building where they have to rescue someone. So it is very nice here in Magdenburg where we can hopefully give some nice demonstrations during the next days. We will keep you informed about the demos and if you want to know more now you can always follow dutchrobotics on twitter.

Robocup German Open

Dutch Robotics is now at Robocup German Open, please follow us on Twitter for the latest news!

Second Inverse Kinematics Test

We posted another inverse kinematics test on our Youtube Channel

In this video we move the foot of TUlip via a computer. When we press a button the foot moves 20 cm left, right, front or back within half a second.

As the deadline for German Open approaches we are making lots of progress. The next tests are standing and balancing

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