Second day at German Open RoboCup tournament

Today the German Open RoboCup tournament officially started.

Team Delft already arrived yesterday and this morning Eindhoven joined us at the RoboCup tournament. The day started with the set up of the robots and immediately some television cameras where interested in our robots. They made some videos, so watch the German channels this evening.

Compared to the other robots here in the venue our robots are by far the biggest. There are a lot of teams present in Germany, however we are the only team in the humanoid adult sized league. We will only give demonstrations since there are no teams to compete with in our league.

We will also look how teams in other leagues are performing. Most people know RoboCup because of the football robots, but there is a huge variety in robots here in Magdenburg. There are robots designed for household activities or rescue tasks present at this RoboCup tournament.

The household robots have to perform challenges like following people, getting a glass of water or picking up a book. The rescue robots are send into a building where they have to rescue someone. So it is very nice here in Magdenburg where we can hopefully give some nice demonstrations during the next days. We will keep you informed about the demos and if you want to know more now you can always follow dutchrobotics on twitter.