RoboCup 2011 Istanbul

Hi all,

TUlip is now in Istanbul for the RoboCup 2011 competition.
For this we have to thank our sponsors. Especially Element14, for there incredable help thoughout the year.

Via our homepage (, Twitter (!/dutchrobotics) and Flickr ( we will try to keep you updated on our progress.

Also we will try to transfer the ambience of the whole competition to you. In a few words: robots, robots and more robots. In a few more words: the best robots from all over the world are gathered here to be tested in different leagues via all sorts of challenges.

Starting with our league (Humanoid League) there is another separation in the robots. TUlip competes in the Adult Size which are the tallest robots throughout the RoboCup. Then there is the Teen Size where the robots have a maximum height of 150 meters. The final sub-league is the Kid Size, which are smaller then 50 cm. In this league the robots will play football matches and the robots can participate in technical challenges.

Next to the humanoid league is the Standard Platform. In this league every team uses Nao's to play football.

Other football leagues are the Small Size and the Mid Size leagues, where the robots do not have legs but wheels. In order to be as manoeuvrable as possible they have omni-wheels which allow them to drive in any direction at any time.

Finally there the Simulation league where Nao's are simulated while they are playing football. This league only concentrates on the tactics of the game and there are no real robots involved.

Although there are already a lot of teams participating in the football leagues, there is more to RoboCup. Two other leagues are the @Home and the Rescue.

In the @Home league robots are tested in their skills when it comes to helping humans in household tasks. Such tasks include, retrieving various items, greeting guests, cleaning the house. All instructions are given using voice commands. This league will open the door to a world in which every home has a helping robot.

The Rescue league tries to improve the world in a different way. After a large disaster often people get trapped in environments where rescuers cannot reach. This is where the robots from the rescue league come in. These robots will autonomously enter the unknown terrain to search for survivors. When they are in the rescue area they will map the terrain and scan for sounds and the body heat of survivors.

All the previous leagues are exclusivity entered by universities, because of the high-tech character of the challenges. This is a pity, since the love for robots is already present with high-school students. To fill this gap another RoboCup is set up, named RoboCupJunior.

RoboCupJunior has similar leagues, but the challenges are much easier so the high-school students can manage to complete them. As you can imagine almost all participants are boys, because they are more likely to enjoy building and programming robots. Therefore as an extra league RoboCupJunior has a Dance league. This combines humans and robots dancing in all kind of music styles. This is the only league in RoboCup where there is some balance between the amount of boys and girls.

During the competition we will try to make as many pictures and videos and share them with you. So the words you have read will translate into images of an amazing week full of robots and fun.