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At 23 November 2009 a video crew of RTL5 came to the lab to make an item about TUlip for the program " Bedrijf in Beeld" . In this item our sponsor Sogeti could tell about the robot and explain what they have to do with this robot. To see the item click here, the item about TUlip starts at 9.08 min.

Sunday 5th of July: The Holiday

After packing up all our belongings at the RoboCup playgrounds the holiday finally arrived. Some of us spend some time watching the finals. Of which the match between The Netherlands and Germany, in the middle size league, was the most exciting. Unfortunalty the germans beat us again. Nevertheless this did not ruin our day, which continued with some nice walks through the historical part of Graz and some visits at the stands of the 25th annual StadtFest.

Goodbye Graz 


Saturday 4th of July: All Systems Are Go!

Saturday, the final day of programming because we decided to take Sunday off so we can enjoy the finals. This means it is our last chance to show the world what TUlip is capable of. The most important things we wanted to show were Yutaro's walk cycle and Arjan's kick-state, which were still not functioning properly. By 4pm, after; a lunch, a vote, and a lot of hacking, both worked as intended, and we were very happy and proud to show them off!
The rest of the day at the Stadshalle was uneventful, so to compensate this we decided to have a long night. We started with a full-team dinner, where Pieter thanked us for our positive attitude, hard work, and team spirit, and expressly thanked Dragan for doing such a wonderful job as team leader. Pieter; thank you for dinner, it was delicious! Obviously the fearless Serbian felt outdone, and immediatly countered with a long speach about how we are the greatest team in the world, Serbians have a lot of adrenaline, there is nothing worse than finishing last, and advising us to get very drunk (we already were).

The night was a big succes, the morning after was shit.

Friday 3rd of July: Trial and Error

After a long night for some people, the big day of the demonstrations of TUlip's capabilities has arrived. Early in the morning we encountered a problem. Apparently an error occurred yesterday resulting in the loss of some updates in the software. Due to the error it is not possible to demonstrate today. But we are keeping our spirits up and expect to give demonstrations tomorrow.

Preparing for the demonstrations

Thursday 2nd of July: TUlip's of Honor

The day started early with a match starting at 8.45, because this match started before guest visitors were allowed we were challenged to find creative ways to enter the premises. In this match, against heavyweight Robo Erectus, Twente's TUlip was taking the honors and defended them very well. Open goal penalty kicks were issued in order to determine the outcome of the match, unfortunately Delft's TUlip was not able to walk the 1.5 meters to the ball and kick it, so no attempt for a penalty kick was made by us. On the other hand Robo Erectus tried but did not succeed either. In order to come to a winner the reverie wanted to decide the outcome by flipping a coin, but we decided to forfeit out of good sportsmanship.  

TUlip vs. Robo Erectus

After the match most people started with coding and improving TUlip. Due to slippage in the y-axis of the hip the technical department made modifications to the Delft TUlip with some help of Tech United. Unfortunately TUlip is not able of to comply to all the demands of any of the technical challenges, therefore we are not participating in the technical challenges. Nevertheless we kept a timeslot to demonstrate TUlip's capabilities. Also plans are made to demonstrate TUlip in the main corridor. So let's kick and walk...

Our walking buffet

Wednesday 1st of July: The Long Haul

Better late than never; the following is a short summary of what we did yesterday. By 8am the first programmers got behind their stations, where most of us stayed till 11pm. Highlights of the day were: McDonald's, Tulip falling on his hind-side, and our first official match!


The short story: we ended up losing the match. Our Iranian opponents were switched out for the Tsinghua Hephaestus team, their robot managed to find and maneuver to the ball, and on their fifth/last attempt they scored! So an exciting match, that ended in a loss.

A quarter of our hall

TUlip also had a very unfortunate accident. While testing kick-behavior he experienced the equivalent of a hiccup, temporary software failure. We were unprepared, and the robot went crashing to the ground, TUlip spent the next half hour under Intensive Care as we did all system checks we could think of. The problem was resolved. TUlip is alive and kicking!

Tuesday 30th of June: TUlip: Judgement Day!

Another monotonous day of programming. The motion team spent the day building new and tweaking old states, a few heavy discussions ensued. As of ten o'clock tonight the robot was able to; side-step, kick, and (barely) turn. Yutaro has had a tough time getting the walk cycle to work, hopefully more on this tomorrow.

The vision team spent most of the day trying to figure out why their program was crashing, and with succes! Apparently an encoder was shortcircuiting... Back at the Stadthalle a mixed team of Twente and Eindhoven defended our robo-stand, and attempted to rebuild a torque controller.

Picking TUlip up after measurements

Regulations demanded that TUlip be at RoboCup by 6 o'clock so judges can take his measure. Tomorrow will be a big day for us. We look forward to our first victory over the Iranian team, appearantly they are no-show. Our second match will also be tomorrow, and TUlip is gonna kick some ass!

Monday 29th of June: The Saga Continues

A new day, everyone was very excited to enter the premesis of the Robocup Playgrounds and stood up at 7 o'clock. For the fanatics the arrival was slighly disappointing. They could not start working, because only the people with a member-pass were allowed to enter the hall. After some football at the parking lot, we decided to split up. One group went back to the hotel and the other group build up the stand.

Back in the hotel many of us started coding again. Unfortunalty disaster struck suddenly, TUlip crashed when one of the ankles passed through a particular angle. As unexpected as the arrival of the failure was, so was its departure.We are still not sure what it was or where it came from, and probably never will. In another room the head of Eindhoven was fixed, resulting in two working heads for TUlip.

Houston: mission control

Tomorrow will be an exiting day for TUlip, because he has to pass the requirement tests. We expect he will walk through easily.

Sunday 28th of June: RoboTrip 2009 Begins

Greetings from the Dutch RoboCup Team in Graz, Austria! After having survived a grueling bus ride of 15 hours from beautiful Holland, through the bleak expanses of Germany, we are now sitting comfortably in our Hotels. Delft's TUlip seems much at ease in room 310, Wi-Fi is up and running, and coding has been resumed… so “Business as usual”.

Departure from Eindhoven

We are comforted by the thought that it is dreary weather outside, though a short excursion to a local Chinese restaurant has brought everyone in high spirits! We are all looking forward to the opening of the Cup tomorrow, and are confident that TUlip will "put his best foot forward"!

Standing in the rain

Article in Management Team

Management Team magazine featured a picture of TUlip in the PSV stadium.

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